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We are passionate about vocal music and we are dedicated to giving you the best product we can. We understand that the goal is to make memorable, life changing music with your singers. We also know, as seasoned choral music veterans ourselves, that notes, rhythms, and text must be learned and rehearsed.

These tracks are a great tool to assist your singers OUTSIDE of your rehearsals. Each singer receives the full effect of a choir and accompanist along with having the opportunity to polish their part for your piece of music.

What makes our tracks unique, compared to others on the market, is that we are a husband + wife team singing all the parts — no outsourcing, it all comes from our hearts and from our voices to your choir! We believe that synergy of singing together for six years and knowing each other so intimately translates to the quality of the track we are able to provide. We focus on singing perfect notes, rhythms and dynamics, while adding emotional and artistic elements that we know not all all tracks can provide (and certain synth tracks cannot match!)

2 Week Turnaround Time on All New Orders

Rehearsal Track Packages

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Singers have the opportunity to hear only their voice part with the Part-Specific Tracks (for that early rehearsal process), and as they get more confident, they can be supported by other other parts with our Part-Specific Left Tracks. The Part-Specific Mute track is for polishing and fine-tuning their part. The student’s voice part is muted while the other chorus parts are sounding. Part-Specific Mute tracks are great for testing too!

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If you are looking for an accompaniment recording for any piece of music you may have, we offer that option at an affordable cost with our Accompaniment Track.

Track Style Samples

Are rehearsal tracks right for your choir?

There are many uses for rehearsal tracks to support your teaching and your singers’ learning.

  • Do you have an advanced choir that could use a foundation to polish notes, text, and rhythms and practice memorization at home or in the car?

  • Do you have a beginning choir with little or no choir members with piano background to play parts for sectionals?

  • Do you have a piece of music that needs a quick turnaround for learning the basics so that you can dig deep into the musical meaning?

  • Do you have music for All-State of All-District choirs that need rehearsal time outside of school hours?

  • Part-Specific Mute Tracks can be used for testing and/or practicing at home.

  • Part-Specific Tracks are good for helping singers focus in on learning their notes and rhythms.

  • Part-Specific Left Tracks are helpful for the same reason, but allow the ensemble sound to bleed in to the learning process slightly.

Once you purchase a rehearsal track package, your download lasts forever; you are able to recycle it when you choose that piece for again for your repertoire.