Where and How it All Began

"This is our response to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before."

- Leonard Bernstein 

Vocal Point of the University of Missouri - St. Louis

Vocal Point of the University of Missouri - St. Louis


April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing 

Late April 2013, was a week after the Boston bombing shocked our country. 20 college students gathered in Copley Square, the memorial for the bombing, and sang In Pace by Rene Clausen. Years later, two of them look back and realize that this moment was the start of their journey together. 

Charlie and Carrie believe that vocal music has the power to heal, inspire, entertain, and connect people all over the world. No matter your background, religion, nationality, beliefs, or level of talent, the world needs your voice. 

Musical Backgrounds

Although Charlie and Carrie grew up only hours from each other and were raised in different family atmospheres, they both found a love for music. Both grew up taking piano lessons and singing in choirs through school, church, and their communities. They also studied vocal music education at the University of Missouri - St. Louis and later taught elementary and high school music in the St. Louis area.

Family Life

They met in college through choir and their other music classes and became fast friends. They married each other in May of 2016 while they were both teaching and welcomed their first child in February 2017. Fully intending on continuing their teaching careers, once their daughter was 6 months old, they realized they couldn't be the teachers, spouses, and parents they wanted to be all at the same time.


After coming to the difficult decision to leave public school teaching, they tried their hands at a few businesses that weren't right but then came across a mentor couple who helped them them realize that they could use their talents that God gave them while still prioritizing their family. 


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