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Choral Coaching Packages

Charlie specializes in high school and community choirs that perform advanced literature. His style is refined, emotional, and has a drive toward creating an life-changing performance for your audience.

Carrie works with church and children’s choirs, connecting the beauties of the Christian faith with the vocal music that is a hallmark of tradition in the church. She brings experience teaching elementary and church choirs and comes from a perspective of creating fun communities that strive for growth and musical excellence.

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Have a camp or choir retreat and want an extra set of ears? We’d love to spend the day with you!

Day Rate = $400

(includes phone consultation, preparation and a phone follow-up)


Need a shorter session? We can stop by for that too!

Hourly Rate = $60


 Is choral coaching right for you?

As choir directors, we know that sometimes bringing in a new face and new energy can stir things out of your choirs that you didn’t even know were there!

You might be ready for coaching if:

  • You’re preparing for a contest or performance and need another perspective to help polish the finer details of your performance, you might be ready for coaching.

  • You’re offering a choir camp or retreat